Keeping, raising and showing Serama and other rare and true bantams.

The Serama Bantam

by Neil Armitage
Raising Serama bantams properly requires more care than with ordinary chickens

Raising Seramas

Raising Malaysian Serama Bantams The Malaysian Serama Bantam is the smallest and lightest bantam chicken in…

A show quality Serama bantam in a cage on display

Serama colours

How many colours of Serama are there? Serama come in over 2500 documented colours. Breeding two…

Dragon type Serama.

Serama bantam breed standards

What are the Malaysian Serama miniature bantam breed standard? The outline of the bird or "silhouette"…

A serama chicken, the smallest of them all.

Serama Bantams

What is special about the Serama Bantam? It is my pleasure to bring to you, the…

A close up of the head and wattles of a Serama cockerel

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A Serama bantam in a poultry cage


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