Serama bantam eggs.

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A freshly laid egg from a Serama bantam.

What colour eggs do Serama chickens lay?

Serama bantam chickens lay a small egg that can be any colour from white to light brown.

The most common is white or very light brown, sometimes called cream.

Below: A selection of Serama bantam eggs.

The eggs of the Serama bantam are between 18 and 14 grams in weight. This is three quarters to one ounce in weight. 

The different sizes of Serama lay different sizes of egg and the smaller the better.

How often do Serama chickens lay eggs?

Serama bantams lay 3 to 4 eggs per week and a maximum of 200 eggs per year. The most eggs I have ever had in a week is 5 and in a year is 171.

Mine take a few months off laying between when they moult in October and don't start laying again until the days begin to lengthen in February.

Below: A dozen Serama bantam eggs ready for shipping.

When do Serama bantams start laying?

Serama are not quick to mature and begin to produce eggs at 35 weeks of age. 

It is rare they begin to lay before this and if you raise them late in the summer they may not begin to produce eggs until the following spring.

How long do Serama lay eggs for?

Serama bantam chickens lay eggs for 5 years and the number of eggs they produce reduces every year by around 15%.

A Serama laying 200 eggs in their first year will only produce 170 in her second and 140 in her third year.

Can you eat Serama bantam eggs?

You can eat Serama eggs, they are the same as any other chickens egg, just much smaller.

Below: A comparison between a Serama egg and one from a normal chicken.

It takes 3 eggs from a Serama bantam to make up the same as one egg from a modern hybrid chicken.

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