Serama colours

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How many colours of Serama are there?

Serama come in over 2500 documented colors. Breeding two birds with the same colours with each other does not result in any one colour offspring, and it is not uncommon to hatch out a clutch of chicks and have each one differently colored. I find that breeding from 2 solid colour parents makes that colour more likely but not guaranteed.

The Serama does not breed "true" means two things. Any pair of Serama, can produce any of over 2500 documented color varieties. Breeding a black bird to a black bird does not mean you will get black offspring.

Below: Serama Bantams often sport a black tail which they inherited from the Japanese bantam.

It does hold true that like breeds like and if you begin with a solid colour Serama and then start a line by breeding the offspring back to the parent you can concentrate the colour and make it much more likely that the bird will breed true.

Serama won’t breed true to colour, they might do but it is mostly guesswork. This is really only true because most Serama breeders are breeding them without regard to colour. They were selected for size and stature.

The colour genes are the same as in any other breed. If you breed for colours, you will eventually get a stable colour. Some colors like white are extremely easy to breed in Serama.